Cyber-Christ meets Lady Luck

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DefCon II: Las Vegas Cyber-Christ meets Lady Luck July 22-24, 1994 by Winn Schwartau (C) 1994

Funny! Filled with lots of irony, given what Defcon has become.

...a couple of dozen T-shirt
ed,  Seattle grunged out kids (read: under 30) sitting at uncov
ered  six foot folding tables hawking their DefCon  II clothing, 
sucking  on Heinekens and amusing themselves with widely strewn 
backpacks and computers and cell phones.

I had arrived!

New CTF This Weekend

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Red Team Labs 2015 CTF

This CTF has about 20+ challenges and ranging from beginner-intermediate level.  Unlike other CTFs, this one requires a fee of ‘$5.49’ to offset the price of prizes.

Starts: June 6th @ 10:00AM EST
Ends: June 7th @ 11:00PM EST

IA Inventory Nightmare, solved?

For the past decade we have faced a reoccurring problem in Information Technology and Information Assurance, this problem is constructing and maintaining an accurate inventory of IT assets.  Most organizations run into trouble when going down the path of creating an inventory of IT assets or a configuration management databases for a few of the following reason:

  • Data models are not clearly defined
  • Data retention and maintenance is not defined
  • Lack of automation in curating data
  • Not leverage existing authoritative sources of data
  • The platform for the inventory is not extensible
  • The platform does not reflect current business processes
  • Data extraction and views are not intuitive
  • Cultural barrier
  • Lack of executive buy in

With that being said I am soliciting anyone that might be interested in developing a proof of concept of an IT asset inventory for automatically curating an inventory of front facing web applications with appropriate contact information. The workflow I have captured so far is shown in the figure below.   The languages that I am looking to advance this POC in is Python for the back end and Javascript for the front end.  If anyone else is interested in contributing to the architecture or the development of the POC please hit me up.

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