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HACKY EASTER 2015 HAS STARTED! After last year's success, we proudly announce Hacky Easter 2015! 27 easter eggs are waiting for you to be found. How to get started: 1. Create an account on Hacking-Lab, if necessary. 2. Install the Hacky Easter app on your android or iOS device. 3. Register...

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Defcon 22 CTF write-up

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Interesting write-up regarding a special CTF badge that was given to the teams. You hardware geeks should enjoy. -chaocipher Routards Team Blog    ...

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Root the Box X information

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Root the Box X Event Details Root the Box X will be held live March 13th at CactusCon in Tempe, Arizona. Bring your laptop and join us 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM at ASU's Memorial Union for a fun, free, and accessible team-based computer security challenge. What should...

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