DEF CON 23 Paris and Bally’s Room Blocks are Sold Out!

Paris – 2,916
Bally’s – 2,814

The DEF CON block at Bally’s and Paris is officially sold out. There’s still some good news for procrastinators, though – there’s still room at our con-goer rates at the nearby Flamingo, Link, Planet Hollywood and Caesars. At least, there is room right now. You’re gonna want to act briskly if you want to get the DEF CON group rate.

Here’s the reservation link:

And here’s the direct lines to the hotels still offering the DC23 rate:
Flamingo 888-373-9855
Caesar’s 866-227-5944
Linq 866-523-2781
PH 866-317-1829

Hotels Infographic image

Source: DEF CON® Hacking Conference – Recent News