Defcon planning

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TJ is bringing a table, canopy, and a chair to the Toxic BBQ. Please add some comments on what you’re bringing or anything you would like someone else to bring.


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Cyber-Christ meets Lady Luck

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DefCon II: Las Vegas Cyber-Christ meets Lady Luck July 22-24, 1994 by Winn Schwartau (C) 1994

Funny! Filled with lots of irony, given what Defcon has become.

...a couple of dozen T-shirt
ed,  Seattle grunged out kids (read: under 30) sitting at uncov
ered  six foot folding tables hawking their DefCon  II clothing, 
sucking  on Heinekens and amusing themselves with widely strewn 
backpacks and computers and cell phones.

I had arrived!

New CTF This Weekend

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Red Team Labs 2015 CTF

This CTF has about 20+ challenges and ranging from beginner-intermediate level.  Unlike other CTFs, this one requires a fee of ‘$5.49’ to offset the price of prizes.

Starts: June 6th @ 10:00AM EST
Ends: June 7th @ 11:00PM EST