After last year’s success, we proudly announce Hacky Easter 2015!

27 easter eggs are waiting for you to be found.

How to get started:
1. Create an account on Hacking-Lab, if necessary.
2. Install the Hacky Easter app on your android or iOS device.
3. Register the app with your Hacking-Lab account.
4. Start the egg hunt on: http://hackyeaster.hacking-lab.com

The event will run until May 31. Thus, no need to hurry.
You will get full points for easter eggs, until the end.

Points of solved eggs, will automatically be transferred to your Hacking-Lab account. In addition to that, you can get extra points for submitting a solution document / hacking journal (once you are done). This is optional.

One final request: Please do not publish solutions while the event is still running! It would spoil the fun for other people.
Once the event is over, I will collect the best solutions and put together a document for download, just like last year.



Root-the-box results

We’ll we had held 5th place for most of the day, but in the last 20 minutes we fell to 6th. Both teams did well, but a tip of the hat goes to the KJ and TJ for being out in the lead all day.  Not bad for our first CTF as a team. It was a little strange not being able to support each other when we’re sitting just a few feet apart. Everyone’s getting even more fired up about trying to compete as a team. We’ll be looking the CTF calendar to see what’s next. I’ve been adding content to the Bitfork CTF google doc. Please take a peek and if you can add something that would be great.



Root the Box X information

Root the Box X

Event Details

Root the Box X will be held live March 13th at CactusCon in Tempe, Arizona. Bring your laptop and join us 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM at ASU’s Memorial Union for a fun, free, and accessible team-based computer security challenge.

What should I bring to Root the Box X?

At a minimum, bring the following:

  • Your laptop
  • An ethernet cable, preferably ~6ft.

We recommend downloading any security tools you may need before the competition. Root the Box focuses primarily on web application and network security.